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Sean McMullen

Chef de Cuisine

Sean McMullen is the Chef de Cuisine of Luminosa, an upscale eatery driven by Italian classics, hyperlocal ingredients, and dishes crafted in a wood-burning oven and grill. Bringing over 18 years of culinary expertise to the team, Sean is known throughout the region for his longstanding connections with local farmers and a strong commitment to utilizing seasonal ingredients in his cooking. Passionate about reducing food waste, a value that was instilled in him during his time as Chef de Cuisine at Wisteria, Sean’s dedication to Appalachian cuisine and preservation techniques includes canning, pickling, fermentation, and dehydration. Aside from his extensive training in whole animal butchery and acidulated foods, Sean draws inspiration from his travels across Europe while also embracing the Italian ethos of seasonality.

At Luminosa, located within The Flat Iron Hotel, Sean is excited to play a role in the revitalization of a historic landmark, working closely with local farmers and producers to create seasonally inspired cuisine that celebrates the unique flavors and traditions of Appalachia. During his time in the High Country, he was an active partner with organizations like the Hunger Health Coalition and engaged in local fundraising efforts with groups like Oasis Recovery Center, which put an emphasis on the importance of giving back to the community. Sean believes that cooking is an act of love, and his culinary creations reflect this philosophy, bringing people together through memorable dining experiences.

Outside of the kitchen, Sean finds solace and inspiration in nature and enjoys hiking, foraging, and snowboarding